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rotherham photographer - gift vouchers

Gift Vouchers are a great way to treat someone special in your life, whether that is a family member for a special occasion, or your family friend. 

If your stuck on ideas what to buy someone for their special occasion, or just because you want to treat them, 

here are some examples of what the gift cards can be used for.

Mum & Me / Dad & Me - parents are often the ones taking the photos, so why not treat them to professional images that they can be in

Newborn - not sure what to get someone for the arrival of their little, newborn sessions are a great gift

Family Photos - do you know a family that would love some updated images of their family? family photos are a great gift idea so they can.

Cake Smash / Birthday - It's not something that everyone thinks off, but these photos are a great way to celebrate that new milestone.

Grandparent Minis - Treat those grandparents, with a photo session of them with their grandkids. 

These are just some of the ways you can use your gift vouchers. 

Please contact to purchase the gift voucher of your choice.


Here are some common questions. If you have any other queries, feel free to get in touch with me.

    Newborn Photography sessions take place within the first couple of weeks of your baby’s life! It is always best to have the session pre-booked before the baby is born, this will help to reserve your date and time. I know this date can always change as it is based on your due date (and I know the little darlings never like to stick to this date), but by pre-booking this allows me to organise my diary and book a rescheduled date if needed. As soon as the baby arrives and the parents are comfortable you should contact me either by phone or email to confirm the exact date and time of the photo-shoot! I like to book my Newborn sessions normally between 6 to 20 days of your baby’s life, as this is the perfect time when the babies are the most sleepy and flexible allowing the baby to be more sleepy. However, the sessions can start from the moment you are ready, this can be within the first 24 hours, having a fresh 24 session
    I like to keep things as natural and neutral as possible. For the little one I would recommend a white vest, this can be either short sleeved or long sleeved. I would bring a couple, just in case we have any little sicky moments. For the grown ups I would advise to wear something neutral, maybe white/cream. Pale blue works well also, especially for the bottom half.
    The session can last up to 3.5 hours, however I do try to keep the time as little as possible so not to distress the baby. This includes nursing, cuddling, changing and putting the baby to sleep. To ensure baby's comfort I advice to keep your home as warm as can be. Newborn photography can take a lot of patience and time. I always make sure the baby is happy and safe and that families get the most beautiful images of their little treasures.
    Trying to remember everything to take out with you once your little one arrives, can be a challenge, especially for first time parents. Apart from your usual items that is carried in the baby bag, I would advise to bring extra milk if you are bottle feeding and a pacifier if your little one has taken to one. I do have some spare nappies in the studio just in case they are needed. For yourself and siblings, a drink as it can get warm in the studio and snacks to bribe the sibling for those cuddly photos.
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