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A luxury newborn / baby photoshoot experience!


Hello and welcome to Newborn /Baby Photography, Rotherham.

If you are here you must be looking for a Newborn or Baby Photographer, Rotherham, South Yorkshire. This is such an exciting time in your life, and I'm super excited that you are considering me to capture your precious memories. I know this can be such a stressful and daunting time for yourselves, and choosing the right newborn photographer in Rotherham is something that can add more anxiety to make sure they get the most beautiful photos of your little one. 
Creating a new life is the most rewarding thing anyone can do, this is why I love to capture those moments in the most relaxed way. 

Here is some information regarding my style of photography and what you can expect in your newborn photography session in Rotherham.

My preferred style of photography is timeless and natural, capturing your baby in their traditional positions, with gentle guidance from myself.  
My home studio is easily accessible on the outskirts of Rotherham. It is only a few minutes from the M1 and A1 motor ways.  

When you arrive at the studio we will have a little chat to ease any concerns and nerves. I want you to feel as comfortable and as relaxed as possible. 

 Your session will last anything from an hour up to around 3.5 hours, however the timings are not exact as we know how unpredictable babies can be. We will start with baby images first and then family images including the parents, baby and siblings who attend. My sessions are all about the natural bond between you all and the authentic ness of a newborn, so there will only be gentle direction from myself.

If you are looking for in home / lifestyle photography, please click here


Upon booking the session fee (retainer fee) is required to secure your date in my diary.


Please note, your session fee (retainer fee) is non-refundable, but is transferable to another date if rearranged within 48 hours of your current booked session date.


The following Session Fee reserves your booking:


an additional £10 travel fee is required for location sessions

The non refundable session fee is to secure your photoshoot in my diary, which is then taken off your collection package.




  • 5 - digital images 


  • pre-session consultations


  • your studio session, up to 60 minutes


  • partner and/or sibling images included in the session


  • post production editing time

  • beautiful private online viewing gallery



  • 15 - digital images 


  • pre-session consultations


  • your studio OR location session

  • partner and/or sibling images included in the session


  • post production editing time

  • beautiful private online viewing gallery



  • 20 - digital images 


  • pre-session consultations


  • your studio OR location session

  • partner and/or sibling images included in the session


  • post production editing time

  • beautiful private online viewing gallery



  • All digital images


  • pre-session consultations


  • your studio OR location session

  • partner and/or sibling images included in the session


  • post production editing time

  • beautiful private online viewing gallery

All images are individually hand edited and not batch edited to ensure the best quality photos for you. 

Additional Services Available - Prints, Wall Art and Frames

If a full session doesn't suit your needs, please take a look at my mini session page.



photographer rotherham - newborn - baby - family photo - at newborn photographer rotherham


As a Rotherham newborn / baby photographer, I only offer newborn / baby led photography sessions. If your baby is not happy, we will stop, relax and try again, there is no pressure at all. I always make sure that I can provide the absolute best experience for you and your newborn.


So by being newborn / baby led, makes your session much more relaxed and enjoyable. It also means that your session may not be as long as other newborn sessions. Furthermore, if there are older brothers and sisters who will be coming, they won't be cooped up in a studio for as long. 

My goal as a Rotherham newborn / baby photographer is to provide you with timeless, authentic, classic, natural, semi-posed images of your little one, that can take pride of place  in your home and cherished forever.

The best time for a newborn session is when your newborn is between 5-21 days old if your wanting the squishy newborn photos where they will curl themselves up in to the foetal position. For older babies, there really is not set time limit, but anywhere up to around 4 months old.   However, due to my style of photography there is no strict time limit. 

If your little one has passed 4 months old, but you would still like photos, this is not a problem, we can work with it. 

rotherham photographer - newborn - baby - baby in moses basket - at newborn photographer rotherham
newborn - baby - photographer rotherham - kisses - at newborn photographer rotherham


" 1 Million % would recommend! the photos were ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Honestly they made me cry, it was so hard to choose my favourites. I love how Becky has so many packages and collections to choose from. From someone who initially didn’t want a newborn shoot I’m so happy I had one and had it with Becky, the photos will be with us for life and they are timeless! "

newborn - baby - photographer rotherham - family photo - at newborn photographer rotherham


"Becky was excellent when we went for our newborn/family photoshoot. She was incredibly patient and professional as well as welcoming us warmly into her studio. I have already recommended her to some of my friends as her work is incredible. Thank you so much for capturing some amazing moments that we will cherish forever."

rotherham photographer - newborn - baby - mum to be in field - at newborn photographer rotherham


"Can’t recommend enough! Whole experience was just fantastic. A great location-beautiful tulip field. A warm, welcoming environment and my little boy felt so at ease. I will cherish the photos forever. Thank you so so much"

rotherham newborn photographer - baby asleep on mum - at newborn photographer rotherham


WHEN SHOULD NEWBORN PHOTOS BE TAKE? Newborn Photography sessions take place within the first couple of weeks of your baby’s life! It is always best to have the session pre-booked before the baby is born, this will help to reserve your date and time. I know this date can always change as it is based on your due date (and I know the little darlings never like to stick to this date), but by pre-booking this allows me to organise my diary and book a rescheduled date if needed. As soon as the baby arrives and the parents are comfortable you should contact me either by phone or email to confirm the exact date and time of the photo-shoot! I like to book my Newborn sessions normally between 6 to 20 days of your baby’s life, as this is the perfect time when the babies are the most sleepy and flexible allowing the baby to be more sleepy. However, the sessions can start from the moment you are ready, this can be within the first 24 hours, having a fresh 24 session

WHAT MONTH SHOULD YOU DO A NEWBORN PHOTOSHOOT? Newborn photoshoots often take place in a studio or in the comfort of your own home. Due to this, you can have a newborn photoshoot in any month of the year.

CAN YOU DO NEWBORN PHOTOS YOURSELF? Yes of course, anyone can take photos of their little ones. If you do not have the funds to invest in a professional doing your photos. All you need is a good camera and so beautiful window light and you can snap away. I would just say, having a professional newborn photoshoot, you will get full experience, including being able to be in the pictures yourself, creating memories to last a life time.

WHAT HAPPENS AT THE SESSION? The session can last up to 3.5 hours, however I do try to keep the time as little as possible so not to distress the baby. This includes nursing, cuddling, changing and putting the baby to sleep. To ensure baby's comfort I advice to keep your home as warm as can be. Newborn photography can take a lot of patience and time. I always make sure the baby is happy and safe and that families get the most beautiful images of their little treasures.

WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR TO THE SESSION? I like to keep things as natural and neutral as possible. For the little one I would recommend a white vest, this can be either short sleeved or long sleeved. I would bring a couple, just in case we have any little sicky moments. For the grown ups I would advise to wear something neutral, maybe white/cream. Pale blue works well also, especially for the bottom half.

SHOULD WE BRING ANYTHING? Trying to remember everything to take out with you once your little one arrives, can be a challenge, especially for first time parents. Apart from your usual items that is carried in the baby bag, I would advise to bring extra milk if you are bottle feeding and a pacifier if your little one has taken to one. I do have some spare nappies in the studio just in case they are needed. For yourself and siblings, a drink as it can get warm in the studio and snacks to bribe the sibling for those cuddly photos.

WHERE WILL THE NEWBORN SESSION TAKE PLACE? Your newborn photography session will take place in the comfort of my own lovely home studio, on the outskirts of Barnsley and Rotherham, at Manvers, South Yorkshire. It is within easy access from the M1 and A1 motorways.

WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY PHOTOS? You will receive your link for your online viewing gallery is around 3-4 weeks, usually less after the session date. You will be able to download your selected amount of digital images straight from the gallery. I suggest doing this on a computer or laptop as mobile phones can decrease the quality of the images.

DO YOU SUPPLY PRINTED PRODUCTS? Yes, I offer a selection of fine art and normal printed products, from lose prints to albums. You will receive a pdf document with the products and pricing in. There is also a selection in the studio for you to have a browse through during the session. I always suggest purchasing some kind of printed product, such as prints, album or folio, as they can be a staple to your home, as well as giving you something tangible to show your family and friends and have on display.


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